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To register, please call Salt Marsh Opera at 860.535.3456.


don't miss James Kuslan's riveting, humorous lectures: 

  • Saturday, May 13 • 10:30am ― James shines a light on Der Rosenkavalier, Acton Public Library, Old Saybrook. This special event will precede The Kate's HD presentation of soprano Renee Fleming's final performance at The Met. (Open to the public!)
  • Saturday, June 3 • 11am James delivers a mesmerizing, smile-inducing lecture on "Disasters on the Opera Stage” in Stonington.

There’s more fun coming this fall. Stay tuned for details!


  • Wednesday, September 20 • 5pm to 7pmMeet and Greet the Don Giovanni Cast. The United Church, Stonington
  • Saturday, September 23 • 11am ― James Kuslan on Don Giovanni. Acton Public Library, Old Saybrook



For details about events & to register, call 860.535.3456 today.

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